• Apple: Fresh apples seasoned with cinnamon  and nutmeg,  sandwiched between laces of our flaky pie crust
  • Blueberry : Plump refreshing blueberries, in side our flaky pastry crust with a hint of cinnamon
  • Pumpkin : Traditional pumpkin made with all the spies you look forward to
  • Key Lime : Staying as close as we can to the ordinal recipe using real key lime for that tart flavor you expect.
  • Banana Cream : A creamy pastry cream filling made with fresh bananas, topped with fresh whipped cream
  • Chocolate Cream : A lushish layer of Chocolate pastry cream, topped with fresh whipping cream, the dusted with cacao powder
  • Coconut Cream : Coconut is infused to the delicate creamy base. On top of our flaky pie crust and of corse topped with fresh whipped cream